About Danro

About DanroHi there – I’m Dan the founder of Danro, the plaster & paint company that eliminates all the stress involved in completing the final step of your home renovation.

Our core belief is that the most important aspect of working with a tradesman is that they are trustworthy & reliable.

Since you live in Montreal, the big problem you face with trades is that they’re wildly inconsistent. You never know what you’re getting when someone shows up on your door.

When you hire Danro, you are guaranteed to receive someone who is trustworthy & reliable, and who takes great pride in their craft.

For years I worked in the Montreal construction industry for several companies. During this time, I was shocked as I witnessed the appalling customer service residential clients received.

At the core of every excuse was a lack of respect. Respect for you, your home and – most importantly – your time.

What also disgusted me was the way that tradesmen would take advantage of their customers’ lack of knowledge.

My experience with trades in Montreal left me with the impression that they are all guys with half an idea, who want to extract the most amount of money from each client for the least amount of effort.

So, in 2003 I founded Danro. The idea was simple: offer you the most reliable & trustworthy plaster & paint service possible.

But every tradesperson says they are the most reliable & trustworthy. How can you separate the men from the boys?

We separate ourselves by offering you more Guarantees than anyone else.

About Danro