Our Craft Methodology

When it comes to plastering and painting a room, proper preparation is half the battle. Without it, a job can quickly descend into a messy disaster.

You’ve probably experienced it yourself when you dive into a project without the proper preparation…

Paint brushes have to be washed out. Or if they’re left too long they get dry and turn useless. Plaster gets everywhere. Your clothes are covered in dust afterwards. Or you reach to pick up a tray with something in it and it spills all over your hand or on the floor… it’s all a little too much sometimes.

But fear not. We have a certain methodology for our craft to ensure the job goes as smoothly as possible, with predictably perfect results every time.

Here it is…

  1. Household protection & Area Preparation– The top priority of our methodology is to protect your household and its contents. We take several steps to ensure nothing is damaged, marked or dirtied. Furniture that could be affected is relocated to the centre of the room and covered with protective sheets, sockets that are not being painted are removed, ground coverings are tightly laid to protect the floor and masking tape is used where required to protect surfaces.
  2. Plaster repairs– For your home to look perfect, it needs to have flawless surfaces. This is our speciality. We work our magic and make all those nasty holes, hollows, cracks, dings and dents disappear.
  3. Surface preparation– For the best results, we find that your surfaces need a washing to remove dirt and dust, followed by a light sanding. This removes any dirt and creates a slightly rough surface for new paint to adhere to. When necessary, a coat of primer will be applied to your walls before the first coat of paint.
  4. Paint application– You have the option to receive a consultation about choice of paints, colors and number of coats. All jobs will include at least two coats of finish paint. We guarantee a Perfect Paint Job, so if you spot any slight errors, feel free to call us. Your are entitled to an unlimited touch ups – until you feel the job is complete – as part of our service
  5. Delivery– At the end of the job, all switch and socket plates will be reinstalled. Electrical fixtures will be fastened. Your furniture will be replaced to its rightful place. Your floors will be left cleaner than we found them. We will give you back your home.

Our Craft Methodology