Our Guarantees to You

At Danro, we go the extra mile to make sure you can feel safe and protected when you use our services.

That’s why we offer more Guarantees than any other tradesman, to show you why we’re the Most Trustworthy & Reliable in the business.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that hiring a new tradesman can be risky. Especially in Montreal.

That’s why we want to take away all of your risk and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work.

There is no down-payment for jobs under $5,000*.

Our Guarantees to You

Cost Savings Guarantee 

You benefit from all our material purchasing discounts.

We get around a 15-20% discount on materials.

Unlike other plasterers, we pass these savings on to you rather than mark up our costs.

Cost Savings Guarantee copy

Total Transparency Guarantee

You want to know how much a project costs and you are entitled to have transparency.

That’s why we provide copies of all invoices and justify all of our costs.

Down to the last dollar.

Total Transparency Guarantee copy

On-Time Guarantee

Respect for you and your time is crucial to our business.

That’s why for every day we show up even 1-minute late, you get 10% off the job price.

So if we show up 2 days late, you get 20% off.

We are pretty confident you won’t find that deal anywhere else.

On Time Guarantee copy

Price Lock Guarantee

You need to know how much you have to pay.

The last thing you want is a cowboy bidding low to get the job, and then jacking up the price after he wins the business.

That’s why, at Danro, the quotation price you get from us is the price you pay.

If the job costs more than we quoted, the difference comes out of our pocket.

Price Lock Guarantee copy

Perfect Finish Guarantee

You are promised a perfect finish and that’s what we’ll deliver.

If, for whatever reason, you spot a small spot that needs a touch up after we’ve left, we’re happy to fix it at zero additional cost.

You get an unlimited number of touch-ups for 30 days after the job is done.

Perfect Finish Guarantee copy

Responsiveness Guarantee

You are busy and your life doesn’t stop moving.

You need to get an idea of how your project is going to take shape and that means you need to hear from us quickly.

That’s why we guarantee to respond to any request within 24hr.

Responsiveness Guarantee copy
*On jobs larger than $5,000, we do require a 30% down payment.

Our Guarantees to You