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Here is where you can see samples of the work we’ve done.

You can browse our work by clicking the tabs to see our Plastering & Painting before & after pictures below.


Painting Showroom Painting Showroom

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What our customers have to say

“Danro were a pleasure to deal with. Their work was careful, competent and clean and the results beautiful.” – Rita Bauer, Graphic Designer, NDG

“Danro are incredibly precise and neat. They are also quite honest. If there is an issue or the project cost is higher than expected or its going to take longer than expect, most of the problems get taken care of and if there’s an issue I know they’ll come to me.” – David O’Carroll, Electrician, Point St Charles

“The way they work with plaster still amazes me. How good and fast they can do it. All trades can look easy but you see that Danro are experts in doing it. Everything is clean and perfect.” – Annabelle Agnew, Point St Charles

“I had damage to my place from the downstairs neighbour having removed weight bearing walls and my walls were badly cracked and the floor had sunken and it was so discouraging to look at. Once the job was finished, it was almost as if the damage had not occurred.” – Linda Alice, NDG

“As a woman, I really don’t like interacting with most tradesmen because they think that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Nothing is more infuriating, but Danro came along and showed themselves to be so trustworthy. Their opinion made a lot of sense and they were very accommodating to work around my work schedule. The place looked so dark before but now it looks so bright and appealing. Thanks Danro!” – Cody Langshaw, Welder, Point St Charles

“The job was done quickly and the finish was perfect. I was happy not to have to look at the holes in my walls from the electrical work. ” – Catherine, Pointe Claire

“Using Danro means a big reduction in stress & anxiety. I know what I’m going to pay and that any surprises will be managed. I can relax because I know my wife will be happy!” – Henry Ryan, Tech Entrepreneur, NDG

“Danro found a solution for every problem from reconstructing the sagging ceiling, to reworking the decorative plaster moulding, to finishing after electrical wiring installation. Very trustworthy, very reliable. Great work.” – Peter Mandl, Designer, NDG

“Danro do amazing work and are very trustworthy. They even taught my son how to mix plaster!” – Sarina Meyes, Cote St Luc

“When you hire Danro, you can expect perfection. No brush marks, no bumps in the wall and if corrections need to be done, they will do it. The best way to describe Danro is that when they did the walls, not only were they perfect, but behind the kitchen cabinets were perfect. Even if you don’t see it, it is done perfectly.” – Marc Corriveau, Nun’s Island

“Danro really work hard. They arrive early, there efficient and they show up on Saturday. You can really see how organized and trustworthy they are” – Isabelle Roumagnac, NDG

“My girlfriend moved into a new place and the walls were pretty cruddy looking. It was a real eye sore and I knew that just putting a fresh coat of paint wouldn’t do much to improve it. Danro came in and worked their magic. All the walls were fixed with the holes, cracks and bumps were all gone. And the job was done before I knew he started! A+++” – Ross O’Lochlainn, Environmental Engineer, Plateau

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